solar eclipse | 8/21/2017

The Solar Eclipse was the talk-of-the-town yesterday.  Many of you shared your experiences with documenting pictures and/or videos via the social media.  Some created a pinhole projector and other chased the solar eclipse glasses …  Some of you were also published in an article from the VRT.


a good read about dutch and belgian wines

During my long years in Atlanta, I made friends with Cathy & Chris Huyghe [Chris is from De Panne] and together we organized blind wine tastings or Belgian waffles tastings … Cathy is in fact a dynamic media professional with a special interest in wine and the spirit of hospitality.   She is the author of the award wining book Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World through the Lens of a Wine Glass and currently writes for

And here is what this posting is all about!  Cathy, deeply interested in the evolution of wine from the Low Countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, recently wrote an article – on Forbes – exploring Discover Dutch Wine: Interviews, Wines, Vineyards, Restaurants, a book by Mariëlla Beukers and Irene de Vette, now translated in English.  Okay, The Netherlands is not Belgium … but close enough.  And since her article clearly spells out ‘Oud-Heverlee‘ – which is undoubtedly in Belgium –  it’s a good read!

Dirk Brossé’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ | 5/14 & 15/2017

Be ready for a divine experience on May 14th or May 15th, 2017!  For its season’s finale, The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia will present ‘Pictures at an Exhibition‘,  conducted by its own Musical Director: Gentenaar Dirk Brossé.  The performance will magically blend American painting and music, following Brossé’s musical interpretation of the seven by-him-selected artworks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  While listening, the audience will enjoy simultaneously the projected paintings taking the overall experience to an impressive level.

ABC News “Love the Arts” presented a very nice segment about the concert.  And for those more curious about Brossé can see him ‘live’ during Van Gils & Gasten op “een”.



philly here I come

Freshly arrived in Philly, the City of Brotherly Love, I have to admit that I feel quite intimidated to re-start my blogging from scratch but excited by the fresh challenge.

In Atlanta, where I spent the last 12 years of my life, I developed and created, about three years ago, a unique blogging concept called beATL [bētl – pronounce it beetle].   This blog, aimed at Belgians and [seriously] Belgian-minded souls in and around the City, has been very successful if I may say so myself.  My fans had nicknamed me their ‘beATL Queen’.  Now in Philly, it is my intention to replicate this formula… even if I know ‘nothing‘ [yet] here!

The concept is pretty simple.    bePHL [pronounce it beefil] will broadcast Belgian-related events in and around Philadelphia (and sometimes adjacent states) in the form of blog articles.  Its main goal is to alert and inform the members of the local Belgian Community about what is relevant to them.   It can be anything: a conference with an eminent professor, a movie, a concert, an event from the Belgian American Chamber of New York, a walk in a park organized by a fellow Belgian, a get-together organized by VIM [Vlamingen in de Wereld], a sportive challenge …

So, if you plan to organize a “Belgian-related” event or if you know about any Belgian-related coming to Philadelphia, email me the details and I will gladly post if for you – free of charge!

bePHL invites all Belgians or [seriously] Belgian-minded people to follow the blog. bePHL is Belgian … there is no linguistic distinction: “L’union fait la force” |“Eendracht maakt macht” … that’s us, all United in the United States!

bePHL is a ‘social-place-to-be’.  bePHL is your place to be.